zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Error(1042006) Network error [10061]: Unable to connect to [hostname:port] Essbase

A couple of weeks ago a customer of mine had a strange error:


Error(1042006) Network error
[10061]: Unable to connect to [xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx:142]. The client timed out waiting to connect to Essbase Agent using TCP/IP. Check your network connections. Also make sure that server and port values are correct]

This error was when he wanted to add a ‘location alias’ in EAS. Also when he wanted to do a ‘Xref’ it did not work and the business rules we not working correct.
After some long digging around I found the problem: EAS and Essbase can’t function when the essbase name in EAS has more than 30 characters (incl port number).

After I removed the essbase server from EAS and added a new one (shortened) the error did go away and my customer could work again with EAS.

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